And So It Begins – The First of Many Questions

Welcome to my page! I, MsElle3, do joyously enter into the social swim and set down my own unique footprint. Years ago, one of my college professors gave us an easy-to-follow formula for writing an essay: 1) Say what you’re going to say. 2) Say it. 3) Say what you said. Using these three steps, we focused on the topic or thesis sentence, the supporting statements and the summation.

I think the discoveries of life and self and purpose are kind of like that. We can outline and discover our who, what, when, how and why; add color and character and flavor; and then we can make the choice either to live our own stories or stay safe and let others have all the fun. At least, that’s one way of looking at it.

In these conversations I will comment upon topics and activities pertaining to Church, Family, Government, Business, Education, Media, the Arts and Entertainment. We will touch on current events, travel, sports, fitness, wellness, fashion, books, movies, music, relationships, cartoons, recipes, love, romance, television shows, DIY projects, local and global communities, visions, dreams, chocolate, childhood, pets, memories and whatever else comes to mind. I’ll do some questing and make a few observations on the who, what, etc. of it all.

Although I neither farm or garden, I’m a sower. My Bible tells me that the sower sows the Word (Mark 4:14). That’s what I do. I dig up weeds, ready the soil and plant seeds [words] intended to grow positive change in the hearts of others. I use more words as water for encouragement and motivation. I’m a communicator, so of course some of the words I plant are mine. But while I write and speak, I also listen to [and share] the words of others. There are a great many people on the planet that have amazing things to say. 

Now, am I an expert, authoritative know-it-all on how you should live your life? Nope. There is so much I do not know in this life and times. There are more things in life that I have not experienced than what I have. But I have great connections. I know SOMEONE who really does know it all. He’s my Source for all things wise and motivating. He’s my Source for this blog.

To communicate, sometimes I’ll write, other times we will visit via video, music and other forms of social media.  I have a vision and ideas for this blog. Step one to sharing my vision is to write it down so that others can read it. I’ll share it in other posts, and over time, it will surely be seen and come to fruition.

My purpose: to challenge you to be an effective change agent that engages, influences and impacts your very own sphere of influence. The intent is to be fun, articulate, informative and relevant. Bottom line – I want to give you something to think about, and prayerfully, something to use in order to be more and do more in this earth. But I also want you to get some enjoyment out it. I tank at telling jokes, but I do like finding and sharing some of the warm and funny moments of humanity. In short, these conversations are observations about our journey through life. 

Is yours fun? Do you enjoy your life? I’m known in my own sphere of influence as a quester. I’m always asking questions – to provoke change or interest or to add spice. Lots of times it’s just because I really want to know the answers. I am not shallow, but I won’t get deep. I’ll just aim to be relevant. Diversity, the rainbow colors of our skin, culture, geographical regions and ethnicity are all part of the cool things about humanity. We’re all different, and yet we have a number of things in common.

Think about people you know or see: Some exist, some live. Some have things happen, others make things happen. Some people think, others question, some do both, some do neither. Now, since you’re a “people” too, what kind of “peep” be you?

What are you known for? Are you doing what you want to do, or what you think that you should be doing? What DO you want to do AND WHEN do you want to do it? Do you have an outline for your life, or just hopes and wishes? Do you expect to achieve and create great things? If no, why not? Do you even believe that it is possible for greatness to come out of you?

Remember, I don’t just ask questions, I also explore possibilities. These questions will come again. We’ll use them for our explorations and see where they take us. It can be our own verbal rainforest.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my first blog. I’ll end using the style of my college professor. DO YOU: 1) Know what you want to do, 2) Tell yourself that it is possible, 3) Do what you said you would do?

The choice is totally up to you.

As for me…I’m just asking.


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Cathy Bryant

Heart-Stirring Stories, Life-Changing Grace


Mixing murder, mayhem and romance that's sure to keep you coming back.

How to Plan, Plot, Write, Edit, Publish, and Market a Story

Saying What Others May Only Be Thinking

Cathy Bryant

Heart-Stirring Stories, Life-Changing Grace


Mixing murder, mayhem and romance that's sure to keep you coming back.

How to Plan, Plot, Write, Edit, Publish, and Market a Story

Saying What Others May Only Be Thinking

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