What Do You Want to Do?

When I was a kid, summer days in the neighborhood were grand. I grew up in an era where kids played outside all day long. It was a privilege we gained after the chores were done. Freedom, yay, we get to run and play!

So of course, the title question, “What do you want to do,” was frequently asked, and upon occasion answered with, “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” This usually led to lots of back and forth banter. “We can go to the store for ice cream…play some baseball [in the middle of the street]…play hide & seek [the really nasty boys always wanted to do that]…get wet with the water hose…” I believe you get the picture.

I think this is why I’ve actually stood over a pot of water to watch it boil, tried to do the Viva paper towel test like they did on television, and once stood over a vintage wringer washing machine to make all of the sound effects while my grandmother did a load of laundry.

In those moments, I wanted to know answers, so I went on a quest to find them. To this day, I can make incredible sound effects and voices which I use in story reading. I have a vivid imagination, but I know for a fact that a watched pot actually does boil, you just have to blink. And I know that it’s a waste of good paper towels to try and imitate the stuff they do on television.

Yes, I’ve mentioned some silly things, but in truth, doesn’t creative genius originate from answering a question or seeking a solution or coming up with a way to get paid to do what you love? I know Southern cooking did for folks like Paula Deen, the Deen Brothers, the Neeleys and Emeril. They can sing praises all the way to the bank!

A lot of successful businesses start that way, from a desire to make an improvement, create a solution, or create a niche in order to provide a service or meet a need. Some start just because the founder(s) want to do what they love, or explore an idea and see where it takes them. They’re in it for the adventure.

Some say Life imitates Art. I don’t think so. I believe the smart ones create art from life. In case you didn’t know, the chicken came first (Genesis 1). I believe I’ll make a more effective impact in the lives of others if I keep seeking answers to my own questions. I definitely choose to live that way. It’s a lot more fun!

Have you ever watched the Disney movie, Tangled? There’s a scene and a song in a tavern. They sing, “I’ve got a dream…”  Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream. Moody Blues sings about a dream. Similar words are sung by Mama Rose in the musical and the movie, Gypsy, only she says, “I had a dream.” The finale song, Everything’s Coming Up Roses is where she makes her transition. Enough dreaming about everybody else, it’s Mama’s turn!

Hey people, let’s do this! Take those dreams off the back burner of your life. Stop living your life through your dream for somebody else. Your potential to change many lives for the better begins with y-o-u. Create solutions and bring joy for y-o-u. Go to the park, take a road trip, or learn how to swim or skate or paint. Join a band or sing silly songs with children or friends. Do something you always dreamed of doing. Smile more, and then go ahead and volunteer to bring joy into the life of someone else: a child, a senior citizen, a community. It doesn’t take money so much as it takes courage. You’re the adult, you can totally do this!

Whoo hoo! It’s my turn to see my dreams come true. You can say it too. Wow, I just inspired myself. Okay, I’ll share, I’ll share. I really like reading books out loud. I’m going to look for a new group of people to read stories to. That’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. It’s the first step to something greater.

So, what do you want to do on this fine a-few-days-before summer day? Nobody stops you but you.

As you know….I’m just asking.


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