Priorities & Weekly Book Reviews

Wow, life gets busy. I’ve moved, I’m working a different kind of job, my daughter just left for college….oh, and the dog ate my homework. Well, the last one is a familiar lie, but sometimes even the truth sounds like an excuse.

Fact is, I have to establish my priorities or I am simply inviting circumstances and events to do it for me. I don’t like that. Did it ever occur to you that allowing circumstances and events to establish your priorities limits your potential and opportunity to move forward? That’s a discussion for later this month. Meanwhile, I’m heading off to work. Oh, two more things.

Beginning tomorrow (Friday, September 13), I will begin posting book reviews. Yay! 

I’m starting with a book based upon an upcoming movie, Unlimited, written by Davis Bunn.


I’ll also provide contest info and a few other little goodies pertaining to the book. So please, stay tuned.  

One other thing before I close out. If you invite circumstances and events to establish your priorities, how do you “uninvite” them? I have a few ideas, but I’ll give you time to think about it. There are a number of books and resources that can tell you what to do, but for now...I’m just asking. 




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