From a Movie to a Book – Unlimited by Davis Bunn

Greetings. Today is the first [sound the horns] BOOK REVIEW FRIDAY, the first of [prayerfully] many. I’m featuring the book, Unlimited by Davis Bunn.  Image


I’ll post a second blog that gives you all of his info and contact info. I’ve been collecting his books for years, so he is not an unknown author to me. I also posted a shortened version of my review on Amazon. You’ll also see it on Goodreads and a few other places later. Oh, and he’s running a contest, so stay tuned for that.

A burning car, a hit man on a mission, a mysterious device and an American scientist on the run in Mexico – yes, that’s the opening scene in Davis Bunn’s book, Unlimited. This is a book based upon a movie that is based upon a person, and I truly felt as though I was watching a movie as I read it. The story drew me in as I met Simon Orwell, Sofia Marin and her brother Pedro, the young orphan boy named Juan and Dr. Harold Finch, the one character that actually exists beyond fiction. I also drew insight into the character of Dr. Armando Vasquez, Simon’s former professor, dead even before Simon gets to Mexico. He forgave, he loved.

I could tell you about the plot, but you can read the back of the book for that. In short, Simon has a penance to make, a legacy to fulfill, and a destiny to choose. He has opposition, and in spite of himself, he overcomes. There is corruption, greed, politics, drug cartels, orphans, families and love. There is no profanity, sex or lewd conduct displayed; but the presence of evil is apparent. It is heartrending and an awakening to read about the recruitment of child gang members. The drug cartel “representatives” went from village to village recruiting every child over the age of nine [Join up, or we kill your family.] The people of Mexico maintain a level of dignity that is beautiful to behold, even in the midst of oppression and violence. Davis Bunn captured that beautifully.

I prefer to tell you about the story’s heart. The children of Mexico see a lot, too much that has absolutely nothing to do with Hollywood’s stylized violence. They know meanness and cruelty firsthand. Even the state run orphanages serve as a kind of way station for acts and agendas regarding children that are too heinous to mention, and too prevalent to ignore. I enjoyed the book. I liked Simon, understood Sofia, was proud of Juan, loved Pedro and wanted to meet Dr. Harold. Yet, even as I read, it raised questions within my heart about my part in changing this world for the better.

And that is the heart of the story. Yes, the title pertains to the limitless capacity of human potential and value, we are unlimited. It’s about discovery and change as only God can do. But the true limitless capacity that is woven in the thread of the story is really not about man, it is about the adoption of the created by the Creator, the one with boundless love and compassion and a relentless ability to rescue us even when we don’t realize He is doing it. This is the story’s heart, what Harold Finch stands for. This is what changed Simon, softened Sofia’s heart, expanded the vision of Pedro, educated Juan and paid tribute to Dr. Finch.

Simon: “You’re facing ruin. Everything you worked for could collapse tomorrow. But you’re talking about changing the world.”
Harold: Son, that’s the power of dreams. If they’re not big, if they’re not impossible, they’re not worth investing your life.” (pg. 177)

I closed the book with a stronger resolve to make a difference in my communities: local and global. I know that I can, I know that I will, I know that I do. Read the book. Watch the movie. Make a difference.

I received a complimentary copy of Unlimited from B&H Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review.

One last thing before I sign-off. Do you know that you are unlimited in what you can do? It happens when you decide. You just have to have a key to unlock those parts inside. The key is available, it can be found. That’s another conversation for later this month. Now, all that being said, are you going to live an Unlimited kind of life? The choice is yours. As always…I’m just asking.

Read Chapters 1-3 of Unlimited for free

Trailer for Unlimited: The Movie

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