The Most Significant Davis Bunn Novel to Date!

Well, writing this blog review took a bit longer than I anticipated. You get the long playing version that includes my commentary and usual closing here. I posted the straight reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.
Here’s what I like about reading a Davis Bunn novel. It takes less than one minute to get pulled into the story. His characters are well-drawn. He really knows how to capture the voice of people (the gender, the ethnicity and the generation); and he provides more than one perspective.
The Turning, his latest book, is significant, gripping, heraldic, hopeful and intentional. I’ll just tell you point blank, you need to read this book!
There are so many directions I can go with this review, but I’m going to go the way of my heart.
Imagine being inspired to perpetuate a viral mindset that revolves around the death of all hope. It is an invitation to entertain all that is dark, fearful, evil and devastating to the psyche and life of mankind. At heart, you are launching an attack against God, His Word and His people.
Now imagine being invited by God Himself to be part of a team of individuals gathered to confront that viral message.
You are caught up in the fast pace of one man’s unsavory ambition to take down the church and then you are called to a front row seat to watch the Almighty’s strategy unfold. John, Alisha, Jenny, Ruth and Yussuf, the five men and women central to the story respond to God’s voice inviting them to “take the turning, and walk the unlikely road…and you will find Me there.” Each individual knew precisely what He wanted them to do, and they obeyed.
The scripture speaks of those without God being without hope. It also speaks to the hope that is ours in Jesus Christ. The story revolves around those two positions, with the adversarial camp seeking to capitalize on the hopelessness of this generation. It may seem like a small thing, but I believe it captures the essence of our current day societal mindset.
Mr. Bunn heralds the message to those who choose to listen to get ready, for this same confrontation is being played out in social media today. Because that is so, I found it inescapable that I would also have to make a turning of my own before I finished the book. And I did.
Some may find this book “preachy.” It isn’t, it’s simply that it confronts the reader and challenges the comfort zone, even as it shows the love of God and the delineation between His Light and darkness. This is uncomfortable for some, outrageous and pushy for others. Why? It is because God is intentional and He wants His people to make His position clear to all. He desires that none should perish, so everyone gets a chance to accept or reject His love and His message of hope.
Even Trent, the ambitious young man in the story gets a chance to turn toward hope. In this book, there is no happy ending, just a deep breath between one accomplished victory and the next onslaught. The adversary is not vanquished for good…yet. Hopefully this means a sequel.
Do you ever experience a moment within yourself where you have to choose between despair and determination? It is the intent of the Father that you are victorious. When God talks, do you want to hear what He has to say or do you want Him to say what you want to hear? That is the difference between moving toward a hope filled life and moving away from it.
I think that is the cornerstone of our ability or lack thereof in being able to hear Him. It’s how we choose to listen, and how we choose to hear. It’s that choice either to listen to Him or to tell Him what you want Him to say to you. In that same vein, a great many of the supporting characters had turnings of their own to make.
What if God asked you, “Who will go for Me”? What if you then responded like the prophet Isaiah: “Here am I Lord, send me.” And then God said to you, “Take the turning, and walk the unlikely road. Take the turning, and you will find Me there.” Would you do it? Are you ready to take the turning?
When He asks you, what will you say? You already know that you don’t have to respond to my questions. After all …I’m just asking.
I received a complimentary copy of The Turning from River North Fiction in exchange for my honest review.
To check out Video trailer for THE TURNING, by best-selling author, Davis Bunn.
Davis Bunn talks about his  novel, THE TURNING.
You can also download the free devotional or read the first three chapters by clicking here:


Upcoming Book Review Alert: The Turning, by Davis Bunn

Have you ever heard the voice of God in such a compelling way that it completely turned your life around? Well, get ready. My review of another amazing book by one of my favorite authors, Davis Bunn is coming! 


What’s it about? 

The message was unexpected but instantly recognizable. 

A voice resonated from a distance and somehow from within.  Against all earthly logic, it carried a divine command.  And five very different people knew they were summoned to obey.

Their actions were demanding, but not particularly grand.  Only later would they see a pattern emerge – one that links their tasks together and comes to challenge the cultural direction of the nation.  They realize that one small personal response unveiled a new realm of moral responsibility. And this affirmation of everyday hope captures the attention of millions.

But power and money are at stake.  Malicious elements soon align themselves to counter the trend.  To succeed they must also undermine its source. Can we really believe that God speaks to people today?  Surely this must be dismissed as superstition or delusion. These well-intentioned but misguided individuals should not be allowed to cast our society back into the Dark Ages.

The public debate and media frenzy place an unprecedented spotlight on knowing and doing God’s will.  The five encounter threats, but try to remain steadfast in their faith.  Had God indeed imparted wisdom on selected individuals?  Is this sweep of events part of his divine purpose? 

The movement may herald a profound renewal – one that some are calling The Turning

By the way, you can read the first three (3) chapters for free on Davis’ Facebook page: (Don’t forget to like his Facebook page to start reading.) You can also watch the video trailers.

I had a turning recently. I may share a little with you when you come back again later this weekend and read the review. It’s going to be good!

Quick questions: Do you know what a “turning” is? Do you want to know? Will you say yes when God speaks to you?

Hey, no worries. You don’t have to tell me the answer to those questions.

You know me, I’m just asking! 

I Have Been to the Mountain!

Last Friday I headed to the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, obeying the call of God to go. He had miraculously provided the way for me to attend. My expectations were not low, they were just unknown at the onset. Although I have a number of works in various stages of development, I did not go to pitch a book or project.  In fact, other than what I’ve carried around for the usual, customary part of my life, I didn’t even have cute business cards to hand out during the mix and mingle moments.

Through prayer, song, laughter, and conversations at meal times, between workshops, and wherever Holy Spirit graced me; understanding came. First realization: Whenever I look in the mirror, I am looking at someone that God loves. Although I can clearly see my numerous faults, insecurities, foibles, frailties and failures, it is no longer possible to continue to mistreat or disdain the woman I see in the mirror. Why? Because God loves me. Yes, Jesus really loves me!

Realization 2: I went to the conference to activate my transformation. I had some internal choices that I wanted to set into action. I made the choice to:

  1. Increase in humility.
  2. Become transparent in my interactions, and open in my response to the words of others.
  3. Eliminate the comfort zones in my life, including my comfort moods, foods and broods. Yes, I turned down the cookies, the cake, the donuts, the brownies and even the Red Vines. I also turned down self-imposed isolation, feigning confidence and every other vice that tended to mediocrity and stagnancy.

Realization 3: I am a writer. I have stories, lyrics, poetry, anecdotes and encouragements from the Father to share with others.

I literally was challenged on a public stage to confront some fears, insecurities and weak areas of confidence within myself. I humbled myself to hear God speak to me through others. It was almost like I was someone else. Almost. In truth, I was discovering the someone else that’s been hidden in me all along. I’m richer for the experience.

Here’s the thing: God did this major paradigm shift within me in just five short days. He did it for His purpose and because he loves me. Now, my expectancy and anticipation for the “more manifestations please” of my heart desires is at an all time high.

As you read this post, I wonder if you are considering the wants and desires that you seek from the Father. I’m referring to what He wants to lavish upon you even more than you desire to attain it. Imagine the beauty of a fulfilled hope or dream that you’ve carried in your heart for more days than you can count. Did you ever consider that it all begins when you recognize that the person you view in your mirror is one of His greatest loves? And by the way, do you embrace His love for you?

If you’re reading this and you have no connection whatsoever to this wonderful Father that I speak of, I want to share the words that Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ, the Anointed One) spoke in John 10:10, “The thief comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.” This verse demonstrates the heart of my Heavenly Father. He sent His Son because He loves us. He wants to lavish love upon us. Those thoughts of doom, gloom and self-pity are designed to steal, kill and destroy hopes, dreams and the promise of an amazing life in the midst of opposition. I tell you the truth – the knowledge that He loves me anchored me when that thief came to try and rob me last week. Have you received His love today?

The view is beautiful from a mountain top, but even when we come down from the mountain, there is beauty and greatness to be discovered. It may be hidden for a moment in a pile of ugliness; but give God time. He’ll bring it out of you. Do you have a call from Him that you have yet to answer?  What’s the delay? You don’t have to know how to do it, you just have to say “Yes.” God knows how to take it from there.  What do you suppose He could change for you in just a short period of time…more or less? You are going to say, “Yes” aren’t you?

Of course, I’m not telling you what to do, that’s not my place. Nope, I’m just asking.