The Monday After Valentine’s Day

Well, Valentine’s Day 2015 has taken its place in the annals of history. Let’s move on to 50% off chocolate, a movie and a book shout out. I spent my February 14th in the company of some really fun people. We had great appetizers, witty conversation, and we watched a fun film: Christian Mingle: The Movie. Have you seen it? I think it could become a habit.
Watch the trailer, you’ll get the premise.

Christian Mingle_The MovieGwyneth Haden is a successful, pretty young woman who wants to meet a sincere kind of guy. What’s a girl to do? Well, the answer is NOT lie about her commitment on a Christian dating site, and then take on a crash course in Bible and Christian talk. Yes, she tries to fake a relationship with God so she can get a good guy. I can understand how she might try it. There are some hypocrites and phonies out there. Some of them even attend church for the wrong reasons. So I guess some people might think it would be easy to fake being a Christian. Although I’ve not gone the route of online dating, I do know a few people that are pretty savvy about this kind of communication. Most of the people I know aren’t so much looking for mates as they are new friends.

I liked the movie. It kind of reminded me of a two-part book I read last year, I Met Him in The Ladie’s Room, by Michelle Stimpson. The book introduces us to Kerri Dalee, a young woman with a pain-filled past, who is trying to become a success at something. She is so desperate for a job in her field that she applies for a position at a mega-church. She does lack one of the primary qualifications in the job description, she isn’t Born-again. So she makes a decision for Christ just before her job interview. The title tells you where that happens.(Amazon let’s you get a listen to their version of the book.)

Talk about your Christianity 101 crash course! Kerri is really trying to learn how to do the ‘”Christian thing”.The book is  engaging, heartfelt and laugh out loud funny. It addresses the questions many Christians ask about the “acceptable” lifestyle. Do Christians drink, date, go to clubs and bars? It seems that everyone has an opinion about the proper way to conduct a successful Christian lifestyle. Most of those opinions are voiced by people outside of the church life.

I wonder sometimes if the  reason so many people are so wrong about what a true life in Christ is about is because, life Gwyneth and Kerri, they believe it is a religious pursuit, instead of a relationship. I question how many of the people that faithfully attend church every week, month or year pursue the relationship available. I see a lot of stress and desperation on a number of faces on any given Sunday. Although they claim a relationship with the Lord, it doesn’t seem to provide a lot of joy. If it’s real, where’s the joy?

Is it possible to fake a Christian life? Yes. My question is why do it? Is it for a mate, a job, a list of goods and services available through God’s people? Why go for the fakery, when Jesus Himself is available to give you the real thing? Why would you choose to fake it?

Although I’m curious, you don’t have to answer to me. After allI’m just asking.


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