A Little More About Meddlin’ Madeline

This blog site is going through a metamorphosis. Basically I’ve begun to publish book reviews, write a post or two on the topic within the book that really touched my soul, and then find a few other items of interest that will inspire you to read the books I recommend.

I’m honored to be a part of the advanced reader team for Chautona Havig’s latest book, Sweet On You (Meddlin’ Madeline #1). The time is 1901, so the language, attitudes and technology is waaay behind the times for the modern 21st century man or woman. Nevertheless, the concept of loyalty is still relevant today. Friends are still one of our most valued resources, and keeping up appearances for the sake of reputation is as bothersome today as it was then. That said, I want to share a couple of really great pins from my Pinterest board. Created by the author, they contain two of my favorite quotes from the book. Take it away Madeline…

Sweet on You (15):

I love how she chooses not to compromise her character.

Sweet on You (16):
She’s only 19, and the pressure is already on.


Sweet on You (Meddlin' Madeline Mysteries Book 1) - Kindle edition by Chautona Havig. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.:

Click here to buy the book.


You can also see more great quotes and other books by Chautona Havig on my Pinterest board: Author: Chautona Havig.

Before I sign off, I have a few questions. First, what do you think they did for entertainment in 1901? Think bicycles, books, riding in a horse and carriage and rowing on the lake for starters. Courtship was a ritual. How about the food? They didn’t have Starbucks or takeout; even a nickel (jitney) had true value. It’s worth doing a little digging in the annals of history to find out more. Did you think I was going to give you the answers? No can do. I know a little, but not as much as I will.

I think posting recipes from different eras would be cool. I’ll start adding more info or interviews from the different authors I cover too. So much to do, and this is the time.  Oh, and now I’m talking to myself online, truly a mark of great intelligence.

I’m not looking for agreement on anything I said, although you’re welcome to comment. For now, I’m just asking for the sake of asking. I’ll do something to spice things up in the near future, so come back soon.



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