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The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect by Davis Bunn

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Wow, Wow, Wow!

High finance and suspense is never dull when handled by a master. Davis Bunn knows his subject. I started chapter one with the intention of reading the book over a three or four-day period, then share my review. In less than 15 seconds, my schedule changed. I finished reading the book that same day.

Questions began immediately. Who is Esther Larsen? Why is her boss Jason Bremmer so controlling? Esther, the unlikely heroine is an investment banking financial risk analyst. The greedy, power driven men that she works for believe they have her compliance under control.
Known to be introverted and lonely, she is also underestimated. She is also gifted, intuitive and principled.

Trapped in the conspiracy of corrupt investment bankers, Esther makes a pivotal decision and takes a risk of her own. She entrusts a small group of influential friends with her fears of an impending international stock market crash caused by her very own banking institution. Her intent is to stop them before the first domino falls.

That’s the basic plotline of an incredibly well-written, enthralling financial suspense. It’s classic Davis Bunn, a plot that holds the reader’s attention to the very end, danger, intrigue and strong, defined characters. There must be a takedown, guided by an invisible hand that is more than coincidence.

With the escape of one of Esther’s adversaries, there’s the hint of more thrills and intrigue to come. It is quite refreshing to see how one person can stand for doing the right thing, for a cause that was bigger than her fear. She took a stand, and rallied a multitude.  I look forward to more of Esther.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

Naturally I have a question or two before I go. Sometimes morality appears to be attacked by the sheer noise of human “rights” and emotions. Do not stress, do not find fault, do not upset the status quo. Just by writing the above, I’ve pushed a button or two. So, let me push a little harder. Question: Do you live with God’s principles of right and wrong? If yes, how about when His principles seem too old-fashioned or offensive to others? In those instances, do you go with the flow of the status quo, or do you stand?

Notice, I didn’t ask if you were a born from above Believer (or church goer, etc.), I’m asking where do you stand? A societal challenge that is showing up more frequently calls upon each of us to respond in some way.I think there’s more to this question than what I posted, but I’ll have to cover it more in-depth in the next post.

Yes, I posed the question here, but you really don’t have to answer me, after all I’m just asking.

Blessings to you and yours.


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